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Minolta legendary SLRs

3 легендарни аналогови огледално рефлексни апарата с ръчен фокус, променили историята на фотографията:
• SR-T 101 - първи апарат с TTL
• XD-7 - първи апарат с приоритет на бленда и автоматичен приоритет на затвора
• X700 - най-продаван апарат в света

1966: The Minolta SR-T 101 SLR camera is Minolta's first with through-the-lens full aperture (TTL) light metering.

1977: Minolta introduced the XD-11 (XD-7), the first multimode 35 mm compact SLR to include both aperture and shutter priority in a single body. It was also the first camera to employ a computerised chip, which in shutter priority mode overrode the chosen speed if necessary to give an exposure, thus offering the first-ever 'programmed mode'. The XD-11 is considered by many to be the best manual-focus 35 mm SLR Minolta ever produced, and the last serious attempt by Minolta to enter the professional and semiprofessional 35 mm SLR market until the Maxxum 9 in 1998. Elements of the XD-11 design (called the XD-7 in Europe) were utilized by Leitz for the Leica R4 camera.

1981: Implementation of Minolta's invention and patent of TTL (through-the-lens) OTF (off-the-film) exposure metering: the Minolta CLE is the first 35mm rangefinder camera to feature TTL metering and aperture priority autoexposure. The Minolta X-700 manual-focus SLR is introduced; this model is sold until 1999 and is enormously successful. The Minolta XD-11 (Model E) is the first Minolta product branded with an updated logo (in caps), which was in use until the 2003 merger with Konica.

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